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Message from the President

President Toshio Okazaki







Toshio Okazaki
President Toshio Okazaki






Welcome to the fourth issue of "JAEA R&D Review", which will inform you of the current R&D activities of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).


Energy security and measures to stop global warming have become recognized in recent years as being of great importance to the entire world. The important role of nuclear energy in solving these problems has been realized, and the positions of all nations with regard to nuclear energy have changed significantly. JAEA was established in 2005 as the sole comprehensive R&D institute for nuclear energy in Japan. Since then, JAEA has promoted a wide range of research and development, including establishment of nuclear fuel cycle technology and basic research aiming at technological innovation and creating industries related to nuclear energy. We are now at a very important stage, concluding the R&D activities dictated in our first mid-term plan.


In the field of Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) cycle technology, designated as a "Key Technology of National Importance" by the government of Japan, JAEA has been making great efforts to restart "MONJU" (a prototype FBR). In R&D for utilization of applied quantum beams, JAEA started the operation of J-PARC (high-intensity proton accelerator project) which utilizes the most advanced quantum beam technologies. In the field of fusion energy, JAEA is strongly pursuing the ITER Project and Broader Approach Project, and our advances here attract world-wide attention. Furthermore, JAEA is constructing two underground research laboratories where R&D projects for disposal of high-level radioactive waste are being undertaken. In addition, JAEA is steadily and safely executing decommissioning of our own nuclear facilities and disposal of radioactive wastes which are generated by our research facilities.


The mission of JAEA is to improve the quality of life for all people by innovative advancements in nuclear energy. I strongly believe that JAEA will achieve this goal and become one of the world's most authoritative and comprehensive institutes, what we call a Center of Excellence (COE), for creative and reliable nuclear energy R&D.


This publication constitutes a review of our achievements in the fiscal year 2008. It provides you with a look at some of the work that has been carried out, and also invites you to check the references listed and contact the researchers if there are any topics that you wish to learn more about. I would be most gratified if I could hear from you with any comments on this publication.


I hope that you enjoy this publication. Thank you very much for your interest.