Fig.1-2 Observed appearance (left) and cross section (right) of simulated fuel debris samples from the leaching test

Two types of simulated fuel debris were used. The resulting leaching rates are 2.53 mg/m2/d and 2.86 mg/m2/d with/without concrete components. This is comparable to rates of spent fuels.
(a) Without concrete: A sample containing U, Zr, Fe, rare earths, etc. was heated at 2760 ℃ for approximately 45 minutes in reducing atmosphere (Ar–H2). (b) With concrete: A sample containing U, Zr, Fe, rare earth, etc. and additive Si, Ca, Mg as concrete components was heated at 2000 ℃ for approximately 10 minutes under N2 atmosphere. In each, the outer appearance is on the left and a cross-sectional optical microscope image is on the right.

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