12 Development of Experimental Techniques/Facilities at JAEA R&D Centers

The experimental fast reactor, "JOYO"

JAEA has been promoting a wide range of R&D activities systematically by coordinating between R&D sectors, including the R&D Directorates whose activities have been described in previous chapters and 11 R&D Centers located in various places in Japan.


The R&D Directorates of JAEA have been promoting R&D for their own purposes with the experimental equipment/facilities at each R&D Center. The R&D Centers have not only been operating and managing various types of equipment/facilities but have also been working on innovations and improvements for them, and in addition have themselves been developing experimental techniques, management techniques and equipment/facilities necessary for various R&D projects of JAEA.


In this chapter, those developments which have been made over recent years at each R&D center are introduced.


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