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President Yuichi Tonozuka
President Yuichi Tonozuka






Welcome to this first issue of "JAEA R&D Review", aimed at informing you about the current R&D of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).


Since the integration of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) and the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC) in October 2005, I have greatly appreciated your support and advice for the wide range of JAEA activities, from fundamental and basic research to projects for practical applications.


JAEA is the R&D institute in Japan dedicated to comprehensive nuclear R&D in such areas as Advanced Nuclear Systems, Geological Isolation, Fusion, Photon and Ion-Beam Applications, and Nuclear Safety, drawing upon its tradition and R&D activities over 50 years since the establishment both of JAERI and JNC.


I would like to share with you my vision for JAEA. The mission of JAEA is to "Improve the quality of human life by innovative advancements in nuclear energy". I strongly believe that JAEA will achieve this goal for which it is striving, and become one of the world's most authoritative and comprehensive institutes, "a Center of Excellence(COE)," for creative and reliable nuclear energy R&D.


As one of the ways to share with you my vision, JAEA has disseminated its R&D achievements by providing a number of meetings, seminars, JAEA Technical Reports etc. In addition, this annual publication will be released from now on.


This first issue of this annual publication constitutes a review of the achievements in the year 2005. It provides you with a flavour of some of the work that has been carried out and invites you to contact with the researchers, or check the references, if there is more that you wish to learn about these topics.


I wish to share some of JAEA activities in this publication, with those of you interested in nuclear energy development and applications. I hope that you will take a few minutes to read further. I would be most pleased if I hear from you with any comments on this publication.


I hope that you enjoy this publication and subsequent issues. Thank you.