About the Design of the Cover :


The cover is designed to envisage a hopeful future shining in the sky with a blue color devised from the color of the JAEA logo. This is accompanied with white colored hexagons similar to the pattern in a tortoise shell symbolizing the wish of people for longer lives from ancient times in Japan. Coincidentally, this shape is the same as that of core fuel assemblies for both the prototype Fast Breeder Reactor “MONJU”, and the High Temperature Test Reactor “HTTR”.


The picture in the upper left shows a geological structure at the Mizunami Underground Reseach Laboratory in the Tono Geoscience Center, where R&D in the safety geological disposal technologies of high-level radioactive wastes is expected to make great progress.


The figure in the lower right is the advanced superconducting tokamak "JT-60SA", with the superconducting coils which can be used in the Broader Approach Activities in the field of fusion energy research.It will be exploited as a "satelite" facility of ITER.


JAEA R&D Review 2007


JAEA R&D Review 2007


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Munetaka Myochin, Kiyoshi Tamayama, Yoshihiko Nagasato, Yoshifumi Yamaguchi, Hiromichi Ogawa,
Michio Yoshizawa, Kenji Kikuchi, Koji Kawata, Kazunori Hirano, Takuji Kojima


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