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  • 1 Research and Development of Advanced Nuclear System
  • 2 Research and Development on Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste
  • 3 Nuclear Fusion Research and Development
  • 4 Quantum Beam Science Research
  1. 4 Quantum Beam Science Research
  2. 4-1 Observation of Collective Behavior of Strongly Interacting Electrons
    -Study of Collective Charge Excitations of Charge Stripes-
  3. 4-2 Study of a Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor by Observing Soft X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
    -Way to Improve Spintronics Material Performance Revealed by Synchrotron Radiation-
  4. 4-3 Toward a Hydrogen Utilizing Society
    -Hydrogenation of Aluminum with Hydrogen Fluid-
  5. 4-4 Advanced Prediction Methods of Satellite Lifetime
    -Radiation Degradation Modeling of New Outer Space Solar Cell-
  6. 4-5 Metal Oxides Become Active Catalysts When Irradiated by Electron-Beams!
    -Enhancement of the Oxidation of Organic Substances with Electron-Beam Irradiated γ-Alumina-
  7. 4-6 Controlling Molecular Vibration to Allow Laser Isotope Separation
    -Vibrational Control of Iodine Molecules by a Ultrashort-Pulsed Laser-
  8. 4-7 Application of γ-ray Beams Generated from Laser-Electron Interaction
    -Isotope-Specific Mapping of Heavily Shielded Objects-
  9. 4-8 Developing Effective Anti-HIV Drugs
    -Success in Determination of Positions of All Atoms in HIV-1 Protease-
  10. 4-9 Protein Dynamics Revealed by Neutron Inelastic Scattering
    -Watching Fluctuating Proteins-
  11. 4-10 Utilization of Atmospheric Nitrogen as Nutrition by Leguminous Plants
    -Imaging of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation Using a Positron-Emitting Tracer Imaging System-
  12. 4-11 Just 10 Heavy-Ions Induce Drastic Radiation Effect on a Million Cells
    -Analysis of Bystander Effect Using Heavy-Ion Microbeam-
  13. 4-12 New Drug for Concurrent Cancer Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
    -Development of a Nano-Capsule Opened by Radiation-
  • 5 Nuclear Safety Research
  • 6 Advanced Science Research
  • 7 Nuclear Science and Engineering Research
  • 8 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technological Development
  • 9 Development of Decommissioning and Radwaste Treatment Technology
  • 10 Collaboration on Basic Nuclear Engineering
  • 11 Photo-Medical Research Cooperation
  • 12 Computational Science and E-Systems Research
  • 13 Scientific & Technical Development for Nuclear Nonproliferation
  • 14 Development of Experimental Techniques / Facilities at JAEA R&D Centers
  1. 14 Development of Experimental Techniques / Facilities at JAEA R&D Centers
  2. 14-1 Remote Nondestructive Examination of Steam Generator (SG) Heat Transfer Tubes
    -SG Heat Transfer Tubes Integrity Confirmation by Eddy Current Test, Visualization and Gas Leak Tests-
  3. 14-2 High Precision Calibration of Neutron Detectors in keV Region
    -Development of keV Region Mono-Energetic Neutron Calibration Fields Using an Accelerator-
  4. 14-3 New Reprocessing Method without Organic Reagent
    -Development of Uranium-Plutonium Cocrystallization Process-
  5. 14-4 For Reliability Improvement of LWR-MOX Fuels
    -Database of MOX Fuels Irradiated in "FUGEN" and "Halden"-
  6. 14-5 Toward a Higher Field Gradient
    -Development of Magnetic Alloy Core for the RF Cavity of J-PARC RCS-
  7. 14-6 Toward a Breakthrough in Hydrogen Storage Technology for a Hydrogen Society
    -Construction of Pulsed Neutron Total Diffractometer for Hydrogen Storage Materials-
  8. 14-7 Detecting Small Amount of Sodium Less than Salinity in Atmosphere
    -Sodium Leak Detector Using Laser Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry-
  9. 14-8 Innovative Method to Produce 99Mo for Medical Diagnosis without Uranium
    -Development of 99Mo Production Technique with Molybdate Solution-
  10. 14-9 Development of Technology for a Commercial High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
    -Non-Destructive Inspection Method for Reactor Pressure Vessel-
  11. 14-10 Highly Sensitive Diagnosis of Asbestos Diseases Using Ion Microbeams
    -Identification of Asbestos Type in a Lung Tissue Cell-
  12. 14-11 Construction of Research Tunnels Deep Underground
    -Reduction of Water Inflow at the "Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory"-
  13. 14-12 Establishment of Traceability of Radon Measurements at JAEA
    -Standardization of Our Radon Measurement Techniques and Assuring Their Accuracy-
  14. 14-13 Search for the Migration of 129I on the Earth
    -Estimating Relative Sizes of 129I Original Sources-

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